Sharon Shay Sloan


Sharon Shay Sloan, part of the international/intergenerational response team, Beyond Boundaries, works with the Indigenous Lands and Seas program for The WILD Foundation, as a council trainer affiliated with the Center for Council Practice of The Ojai Foundation, as a wilderness rites of passage guide with Wilderness Reflections, and as a part-time steward of Three Creeks, a “watering hole” in the Owens Valley.

Council: Restoring and Honoring the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine – Friday – October 18, 2013
Council: Community of Mentors: Intergenerational Reciprocity, Guidance and Mutual Exchange – Saturday – October 19, 2013 
Council: Weaving the Fabric of Community – Saturday – October 19, 2013    
Council: Initiation, Adulthood and the Resurgence of Community-Supported Rites of Passage – Sunday – October 20, 2013