Kenny Ausubel


Kenny Ausubel, Co-CEO and founder (in 1990) of Bioneers, is an award-winning social  entrepreneur, journalist, author and filmmaker. A pathfinder in  advancing “backyard biodiversity” conservation and organic farming and  food, he co-founded the organic seed company, Seeds of Change, serving  as its CEO until 1994. His film Hoxsey: When Healing Becomes a Crime  (specially screened for members of Congress) and its companion book  helped influence national policy on alternative medicine. Kenny has  edited several books and written four, including 2012′s Dreaming the  Future: Reimagining Civilization in the Age of Nature. Among his honors: runner-up, 2009 Buckminster Fuller Challenge award for Dreaming New  Mexico, a Bioneers program Kenny co-directs with Peter Warshall; more  than 30 awards in international radio competitions; with Nina Simons,  the 2007 Rainforest Action Network REVEL Award, and the 2006 Global  Green-Green Cross Millennium Award for Community Environmental  Leadership.


Welcome by Bioneers Founders Kenny Ausubel, CEO, and Nina Simons, President – Friday – October 18, 2013

Opening Remarks by Kenny Ausubel – Saturday – October 19, 2013