David McConville | Cosmomimicry: Why the Universe Matters

By: David McConville

Heeding Buckminster Fulller’s counsel to “Start with the Universe,” the visionary Board President of the Buckminster Fuller Institute explores the surprisingly practical ways that patterns and structures in the universe can inform design strategies for addressing today’s “wicked” problems. We are not alone… McConville is the Co-Founder and Director of Noospheric Research of The Elumenati (www.elumenati.com), a full-service design and engineering firm specializing in the development and deployment of immersive visualization environments and experiences inspired by Fuller's Geoscope, whose clients include NASA, NOAA, Disney, NVIDIA, JPL, Burning Man, Cirque du Soleil, and 350.org. He collaborates with numerous community initiatives to develop systems-oriented solutions to energy, environmental, and educational challenges.