Networking Sessions

Networking & Dialogue Opportunities at Bioneers 2013

This year there are abundant opportunities to connect the Bioneers community with itself. Vision can only transform into sustainable action when we collaborate in creative ways and build relationships of enduring trust. Come enhance your professional and personal connections and capacities and return to your work and life with new allies and friends.

In the Exhibition Hall’s Networking Center you’ll find a space alive with opportunities to connect, share burning questions and explore the leading edges of our work. Being called to transform existing systems is demanding and sometimes very lonely work; we need each other.  

Five sessions in the Networking Center will be deep dives hosted by an experienced and diverse facilitation team using a range of participatory social methodologies.

  • Creating Resilient Food Systems: What have we learned about how to feed ourselves sustainably?  What needs to be amplified? What obstacles need to be overcome?  (Friday Session 1)
  • Reimagining Education: How do we re-imagine and redesign systems of learning to respond to our escalating challenges and real needs? (Friday Session 2)
  • Building Local Economies: What New Economy systems and networks are already supporting local wealth, jobs, ownership, and a robust system of exchanges? What else is needed?  (Saturday Session 1)
  • Dreaming Bioneers: Bioneers celebrates our 25tth anniversary in 2014. What should our goals be in the crucial years ahead? (Saturday Session 2)
  • Growing Community Capital: How do we uncover and mobilize the hidden wealth of skills, insights, wisdom, resources and experience in our communities? (Sunday Session 1)