Moonrise becomes Everywoman’s Leadership

Moonrise seemed like such a good program name at first. It resonated with our anthology book, featuring inspiring stories from over 30 diverse women leaders. It referred to women’s leadership and the ‘feminine,’ but in a poetic way that didn’t carry all the baggage or single-issue pigeonholing often associated with the word ‘feminine.’ Over time however, I realized that our name was obscuring our work from public view, and defeating our own purposes: internet searches by people seeking women’s leadership weren’t finding us! So, now… announcing… ta daaa, our new program name: Full Spectrum & Everywoman’s Leadership.

Full Spectrum because we each have an array of aspects within us to draw from, including masculine and feminine, right brain and left, body – heart – mind and spirit; and today’s leadership calls us all to bring our fullest capacities to bear, regardless of our temporary gender assignment. Full Spectrum, because the collective movement to transform how we live on Earth and with each other will be led, I believe, by women (and men) of all colors, ages, disciplines, orientations and ethnicities. Full Spectrum because diversity is so much more than political correctness; it is essential to our work as progressive change-makers.

And Everywoman’s Leadership? I believe we’re all called to be leaders now, that we’re collectively reinventing leadership, and that leadership has as many different expressions as we are people.

Our program purpose is to connect and strengthen the leadership of women who are diverse in every way to effect progressive environmental, social and cultural change while reclaiming the value of the feminine within us at every level — individually, organizationally and culturally.

We’re still doing leading-edge work, with multiple approaches that include: transformative residential 6-day trainings for groups of women leaders, co-facilitated by terrific teams; media creation and distribution that spreads breakthrough ideas and models of women leading from the feminine across an array of disciplines, ethnicities and ages; public outreach through interviews, speaking engagements and our website; and networking that helps connect the dots across fields, places and approaches; and a small re-granting fund.

This year’s conference features a stunning array of Everywoman-related programming, which I am super jazzed about. These are subjects that I’m not seeing anyone else covering, which are utterly timely and relevant. While everyone from Sheryl Sandberg to the Harvard Business School is exploring how to narrow the gender gap and improve gender equity, few are exploring multi-cultural dimensions of re-envisioning gender, and how to heal the rifts within our selves as well as among each other.  I’m psyched that Bioneers tackles these issues in positive, creative and enlivening ways. Check it out here, I hope we’ll see you there!