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Friday, October 18th


Drumming by Deb Lane and Afia Walking Tree

Opening Remarks by Bioneers Founders KENNY AUSUBEL, CEO, and NINA SIMONS, President.

Opening: R. CARLOS NAKAI, the world's premiere performer of the Native American flute.

JASON MCLENNAN | Living Buildings and a Regenerative World

The visionary founder of the Living Building Challenge illuminates the game-changing impacts of the world’s most advanced and provocative green building certification program. He chronicles its core principles, its global influence on designers, builders, communities and educational systems, and its manifest progress transforming the interface between human habitats and the natural world into a virtuous cycle. The Challenge won the 2012 global Buckminster Fuller Challenge design award, and received national publicity for its work on the Bullitt Center in Seattle, Washington.

Gender Awareness with Will Keepin, Ph.D. and Rev. Cynthia Brix, Co-Directors of Gender Reconciliation International

NALINI NADKARNI | Between Earth and Sky: Trees as Silent Teachers in Strident Times

The “Queen of the Forest Canopy” has conducted unique scientific studies of trees for three decades on four continents, revealing what the complex, diverse biology of rainforests can teach us about human connections and dynamics. She believes we can learn from arboreal example to begin to hear and heal across our differences, and in turn conserve these invaluable planetary ecosystems and their life-giving functions. Nalini Nadkarni, Professor of Biology and Director of the Center for Science and Mathematics Education at the University of Utah, is a passionate communicator about nature and science to people in all walks of life.

Film Short: Nature’s Wonders by Louie Schwartzberg

Youth Leadership Address
With Brower Youth Award winner MAYA SALSEDO | The Youth Food Bill of Rights.

DAVID MCCONVILLE | Cosmomimicry: Why the Universe Matters

Heeding Buckminster Fulller’s counsel to “Start with the Universe,” the visionary Board President of the Buckminster Fuller Institute explores the surprisingly practical ways that patterns and structures in the universe can inform design strategies for addressing today’s “wicked” problems. We are not alone… McConville is the Co-Founder and Director of Noospheric Research of The Elumenati (, a full-service design and engineering firm specializing in the development and deployment of immersive visualization environments and experiences inspired by Fuller's Geoscope, whose clients include NASA, NOAA, Disney, NVIDIA, JPL, Burning Man, Cirque du Soleil, and He collaborates with numerous community initiatives to develop systems-oriented solutions to energy, environmental, and educational challenges.

Preformance by Rachel Bagby | Think… Act Globally

JAY HARMAN | The Nature of Innovation

As a boy in Australia, Jay Harman noticed that nature’s favorite form is the spiral. From the shape of galaxies and hurricanes to how blood flows through your veins to how water goes down a drain, this ancient sacred form – the Golden Mean – has preoccupied a lineage from indigenous peoples to Plato, Pythagoras, Descartes and Da Vinci. Harman had the genius to apply nature’s favorite form to industrial design. Through starting numerous biomimicry firms and research conducted for his acclaimed new book, The Shark’s Paintbrush: Biomimicry and How Nature Is Inspiring Innovation, he has illustrated key ways that biomimetic business differs from business as usual. He’ll share inspiring examples of companies and governments that are adopting biomimicry, including radical approaches to mitigating the harms of fracking and climate change. He will illustrate ways we can all be biomimics in our homes and businesses. Modern biomimicry does more than gratify human industrial ambition; it teaches us how to live in harmony with nature and opens breakthrough opportunities for a new business model of partnership with nature.

Performance by "Slam Poet Harvester" TIM MERRY: Holding Up a Mirror to the Moment. This gifted spoken-word improviser revives the ancient art of sacred bards and jesters as he generates instant poetic commentary on and analysis of what he sees and hears, on the spot, helping us live more consciously in the moment.


The Leading Edges of Design for a Regenerative World
Co-sponsored by the Buckminster Fuller Institute (BFI). Hosted by Elizabeth Thompson, BFI Executive Director. With: David McConville, immersive media artist, BFI Board President; Jason McLennan, Living Building Challenge founder, winner of the 2012 Buckminster Fuller Challenge; Jay Harman, inventor, entrepreneur, founder of PAX Scientific, author of The Shark's Paintbrush. This dynamic group of breakthrough innovators will push the boundaries of design thinking for the Age of Nature, including social justice considerations and what community means in a warming world.

Creativity and Improvisation in Leadership, Education and Sustainability
An emergent conversation hosted by author and activist Anneke Campbell. With: Nalini Nadkarni, “the Queen of the Forest Canopy;” Matthew Fox, priest and theologian, leading exponent of Creation Spirituality; Alfonso Montuori, Director of Masters program in Transformative Leadership, California Institute of Integral Studies; Rose von Thater Braan (Tuscorora/Cherokee), co-founder of the Native American Academy.

Entrepreneurship: Mission-Driven Companies
Hosted by Christy Foley, founder of The Foley Connection. With: Matthew Engelhart, co-founder of Café Gratitude and Gracias Madre, co-author of Sacred Commerce; John Roulac, founder and CEO of Nutiva; Mary Waldner and Dale Rodrigues, founders of Mary’s Gone Crackers.

Women as Democracy Builders: Reclaiming Our Commons from Corporate Power
Hosted by author and activist Anna Lappé. With: Leila Salazar-Lopez, Program Director at Amazon Watch; Kelle Louaillier, Executive Director of Corporate Accountability International; Lynne Twist, co-founder, Pachamama Alliance, founder, Soul of Money Institute. Discover how and why it is so often women at the center of democracy movements.

Tools for Transforming Education: Whole Child, Whole Person, Whole World
Hosted by Cleary Vaughan-Lee, Education Coordinator for the Global Oneness Project. With Mark Collin and Chuck Fisher of Dovetail Learning. This experiential workshop combines media, dialogue and interactive group learning with educational toolboxes to explore education as a means of realizing cross-cultural human wellness, the shared language of our common humanity. Interactive/Experiential

Building Community Resilience from Detroit to Japan
With: Gloria Rivera, Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit Coordinator; Carolyne Stayton, Co-Executive Director, Transition U.S.; Kalia Lydgate, co-founder of P.O.W.E.R. (People Organizing for Wealth and Ecological Restoration), a Marion Institute program.; Bob Stilger, Co-President, New Stories.

Indigenous Forum: From Conflict to Collaboration in Indigenous Territories: Tribal Strategies for Resistance and Restoration
Sponsored by the Global Diversity Foundation. With: Darcie Houck (Mohawk and Ottawa), specialist in Native American land use, environment, water resources and energy development, as a partner at the Native American law firm of Fredericks, Peebles and Morgan LLP; Melissa Nelson (Anishinaabe/Métis, Turtle Mountain Chippewa), President of The Cultural Conservancy, Professor of American Indian Studies at San Francisco State, and co-organizer of the Bioneers Indigenous Forum; Octaviana Trujillo (Pascua Yaqui), founding Chair of the Department of Applied Indigenous Studies at Northern Arizona University, a longtime human rights activist and former chair of her tribe. The panel will focus on indigenous resistance to and engagement with green and extractive economies, with particular attention to Idle No More, the powerful First Nations movement that has swept Canada. Panelists will share realities, challenges and contradictions of indigenous resistance and restoration movements, as well as potential ways forward for indigenous peoples whose lands are presently the focus of economic interest. The panel will be an opportunity for participants in the North American Community Environmental Leadership Exchange (NACELE), a four-day pre-Bioneers workshop convening indigenous environmental leaders at Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation under the panel theme, to explore emergent experiences and ideas with a wider audience.

Cultivating Women’s Leadership: Alumnae Reunion and Sampler
Hosted by Nina Simons and Toby Herzlich, co-founders of Cultivating Women’s Leadership trainings, with Sarah Crowell, Co-facilitator and Artistic Director of Destiny Arts; Rachel Bagby, Improvisational Vocal and Social Artist. Come meet other CWL alums, or to sample a taste of what this embodied, interactive approach to connecting purposeful women across difference to strengthen and grow each others’ leadership is all about. Interactive/Experiential

Youth Leadership: Recognizing The Rights of Nature
With Debra Weistar, co-founder of Finding the Good Semester and Synergia Learning Center. Youth and Nature have arguably the least rights of any entity globally. In this interactive-experiential workshop, youth and educators discover what it means to recognize and uphold “inalienable” rights and to drive the cultural shift toward a reverent and sustainable future for all. Includes the film short, Soul Migration, about youth who journey to Baja California where the gray whale was once hunted nearly to extinction. Study guide for teachers provided.

Council. Restoring and Honoring the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine
Facilitated by Ilarion Merculieff, Aleut traditional messenger, and Sharon Shay Sloan, Council trainer and community steward. Come share your knowledge, wisdom and life experience in this interactive council that will explore our direct experience of masculine and feminine principles and their roles in our lives and world. How do we restore a healthy balance between the masculine and feminine, the inner and outer dimensions of life? Interactive/Experiential (3-hour session)

Wiser Together World Café: Intergenerational Dialogue and Mentoring
With: David Shaw, Common Ground Center, UC Santa Cruz; Dana Pearlman, The Lotus: Authentic Leadership Development and the Global Leadership Lab. Common Ground Center, UC Santa Cruz; Tim Merry, Myrgan Inc, Art of Hosting; Giselle Chow, Graphic Facilitator and Recorder, Giselle Chow Consulting. Come join participant-driven conversations about how we can collaborate to shape our future by synergizing the unique gifts of all generations. The Café provides a hospitable space for dialogue and reflection on building personal and professional partnerships, evoking the collective intelligence, and what is emerging for you at the conference.

Facilitated Dialogue at the Networking Center: Creating Resilient Food Systems
Facilitated networking focuses on specific themes and/or geographic regions to help us build connections, learning and leverage in our fields of interest, providing a great opportunity to connect with others personally and/or professionally.


Connecting Across Difference Through Indigenous Learning Practices
Indigenous learning processes educate us within a worldview that reflects the wholeness that we know to be necessary to sustain harmony and balance. Join us for an emergent conversation and an experience of an essential leadership skill for this time – learning from indigenous practices that bring people together in a whole-system way, across generations, disciplines, ethnicities, beliefs and perspectives. Hosted by Melissa Nelson (Turtle Mountain Anishinaabe), President of the Cultural Conservancy/professor at SFSU; with Rose von Thater Braan (Tuscorora/Cherokee), co-founder/Director of the Native American Academy; and Jeannette Armstrong (Okanagan), Executive Director of the En’Owkin Centre.

The Role of “Heroic” Learning Communities in the Postmodern Era
Join author and educator Richard Tarnas and elder change-maker, Buddhist scholar and Deep Ecology progenitor Joanna Macy for this radical exploration of Heroic Learning Communities and their unique role at this critical moment in the evolution of human civilization and our relationship to nature, each other and ourselves.

Richard Tarnas describes the session in this way:

“In a time of such critical and rapid historical change, what is the role and cultural significance of “heroic” learning communities consciously oriented toward a framework of values, or a vision of the good, which in some manner fundamentally challenges that of the larger mainstream society?
“We seem to be living at the end of an era. The old structures of the world are cracking apart, the moment of creative chaos is upon us, and the drama of our time has become a great question: What new principles, what new structures—social, political, economic, intellectual, psychological, spiritual—will emerge to shape our future?  Everything is at stake, from the deep ecology of our planetary biosphere to the deep ecology of the human spirit. 

“In a time of such critical and rapid historical change as ours, what is the role and cultural significance of "heroic" learning communities: that is, communities consciously oriented toward a framework of values, or a vision of the good, which in some manner fundamentally challenges that of the larger mainstream society? Here we can include nonlocal communities as well, so significant in our digital and wired era, and also atemporal communities that extend back in time through the centuries, providing current communities with deeper roots, inspiration, even a kind of dialogue.

 “I am taking the term ‘heroic’ from Charles Taylor’s analysis in Sources of the Self of that deep tradition within Western culture of the heroic stance, whether that of the individual philosopher like Socrates or the individual prophet as in ancient Israel, which defines a moral vision that stands in sharp contrast with, even defiance of, the larger society. But I am applying it here specifically to a community rather than an individual, and want to suggest the peculiar necessity of such communities in our time – for the individual, but also ultimately for the larger society and civilization, perhaps the Earth community itself. This necessity is particularly connected to the state of our civilization’s world view in the late modern and postmodern age, which in crucial respects is unprecedented in human history. It is also connected to the evolution of the Hero archetype into a deeper mode of actualization that is more fully engaged with the whole.”

Narrative Medicine: Building Peace Through Understanding How Others Perceive Their Worlds
With pathfinding psychotherapist and Narrative Medicine facilitator Shari Foos, who creates workshops to heal organizations, businesses and at-risk youth. Through deconstructing media and storytelling we come to bear witness, break hierarchies and develop reciprocal relationships. She leads an experiential workshop on the crucial impact of language in understanding the Other in relation to ethics, social justice, philosophy, and what it means to be human. We’ll look at literary, film and video excerpts, engage in storytelling, and reflective writing exercises, and engage in conversation. This growing field is proving transformational in healing and personal growth, and proliferating in academia.  Interactive/Experiential

The Art and Tradition of Fermentation: Community, Culture and Evolution
With: Sandor Katz, author of The Art of Fermentation and other cutting-edge books on cultured foods, featured in Michael Pollan’s Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation. Learn from a true master about the traditional wisdom, science and practical techniques of creating healthy, delicious, fermented foods in your own kitchen. Fermentation is an inevitable natural phenomenon people have used for millennia to make food more stable, digestible, and nutritious. By reviving this important practice and bringing it into our kitchens, we can become more connected to the importance of the microbial world, eat healthier food, and support healthy diversification of our gut microbiota.

The Commons of Healthcare: Resilience as the Anchor for Health
Hosted by Molly Roberts, M.D., M.S., President of the American Holistic Medical Association. With: Jamie Harvie, Executive Director, Institute for a Sustainable Future, co-founder, Commons Health Care Network; Nancy Sudak, M.D. ABIHM, Executive Director American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine; David Zuckerman, Research Associate, The Democracy Collaborative.

Resist, Restore, Re-imagine: Greening Detroit with Resilience
Hosted by Nikki Henderson, Executive Director, People’s Grocery. With: Gloria Rivera, Great Lakes Bioneers, Detroit Coordinator; Malik Yakini, Executive Director of The Detroit Black Community Food Security Network; Lottie Spady, Detroit activist. Three leading Detroit grassroots activists shed light on their experiences showing how Detroit is being revitalized by local action that integrates social justice with environmental restoration.

Indigenous Forum: Mother Earth – Father Sky: Voices from the Spirit!
Hosted by: Tom B.K. Goldtooth (Dine’/Dakota), Executive Director, Indigenous Environmental Network. With: Eddie Benton-Benai, (Anishinabe Fish Clan), Grand Chief of the Three Fires Midewiwin Lodge; Mona Polacca (Hopi, Havasupai and Tewa), indigenous elder stateswoman, International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. Indigenous elders provide story and song, weaving together the convergence of matter, nature, mind, heart, body and spirit, while asking humanity to reevaluate our relationship to the sacredness of Mother Earth and Father Sky. As the world experiences transformative change, indigenous wisdom and Indigenuity based upon the Original Instructions may offer solutions for building healthy and sustainable communities throughout the world.

Walking Your Talk in the World: Exploring Embodied Transformation
Come to begin at the heart and sooul of what matters; discover the patterns that ‘walk us,’ harvest your natural knowing, glide with effortless ease, connect vibrantly to your world, and embody your goals for global renewal. With author and educator Suki Munsell, Ph.D., Interactive/Experiential

Youth Leadership—Poetry Slam
Young poets unleash their creativity as an exion of personal empowerment and to call for social change. Hosted by: poet performer Josh Healey, a former program director for Youth Speaks who directed spoken word and youth empowerment programs, and coordinated the Brave New Voices international youth poetry slam.

Council: Restoring and Honoring the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine
Interactive, experiential (continued from 2:45pm)

Conversation Café

Facilitated Dialogue at the Networking Center—Reimagining Education
How do we re-imagine and redesign systems of learning to respond to our escalating challenges and real needs? Come connect, network, and share your insights


Symphony of Soil
Introduced by director Deborah Koons Garcia

Garcia's follow-up to The Future of Food examines the human relationship with soil, the use and abuse of soil in agriculture, deforestation and development, and the latest scientific research on soil’s potential to help address climate change. Filmed on four continents, Symphony of the Soil reveals that if we want healthy plants that result in healthy humans living on a healthy planet, we have to start at the roots, with healthy soil.

Directed by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee and Gayatri Roshan

Elemental tells the remarkable story of three individuals on three separate continents working in radically different contexts but united by their deep connection with nature and driven to confront some of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time. It highlights: water activist Rajendra Singh’s struggle to resuscitate the desperately polluted Ganges river; young Denè mother Eriel Deranger’s “David and Goliath” struggle against the world’s largest industrial development, Canada’s Tar Sands; and biomimicry inventor and entrepreneur Jay Harman’s search for investors willing to risk millions to back his conviction that nature’s own systems hold the key to our world’s ecological problems.




SATURDAY KEYNOTES | 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Drumming by Deb Lane and Afia Walking Tree

Opening Remarks by KENNY AUSUBEL


JANINE BENYUS | The Biomimicry Network Effect:  What Will We Solve Together?
If we collectively consulted nature to solve a few key issues, imagine what a difference we could make!  The acclaimed biologist, innovation consultant, and author Janine Benyus illuminates how the Biomimicry community might collaborate, with nature’s help, on a short list of challenges that just can’t wait. She will translate the latest scientific findings on Biomimicry, heralded by the Harvard Business Review as “one of the 20 breakthrough ideas in business,” and on biological networks into an action plan for anyone wanting to spread good ideas organically.

It has been been amazing to watch biomimicry go viral in the last 15 years. Hundreds of start-ups are inventing sustainable, nature-inspired technologies.  Dozens of schools and universities are offering brand new courses and degree programs. Student teams from around the world are submitting awe-inspiring solutions to biomimicry design challenges. Innovators at Natura, Burt’s Bees, BNIM, Interface, Levi’s and others are using biomimicry to reconnect with nature and disrupt business as usual in their design labs as well as their boardrooms.  

Scores of biomimicry networks are sprouting up in Prague, Paris, China, South Africa, Mexico City, Brazil, Japan, Portland, NYC, Austin, Great Lakes, San Francisco, and more. These passionate leaders are localizing the discipline heralded as “a paradigm shift for the world of design” (Smithsonian National Design Awards), and at the top of the list of “innovations that will change the way you manufacture” (Society of Manufacturing Engineers). At this critical tipping-point for biomimicry, and for our planet, we can choose to mobilize our “network of networks” to focus on what’s worth solving

Janine is also excited to share the latest scientific findings on biological networks such as neurons, gene regulatory networks, mutualism networks, and our favorite, the Wood Wide Web.  Turns out they have something in common, and it’s a vital lesson for anyone who wants to spread good ideas organically!

The Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum awarded Janine Benyus the 2012 Design Mind Award for her work as a proponent of biomimicry in design and innovation.

  • A study by Point Loma Nazarene University calls biomimicry “an economic game changer” that could represent $300 billion annually of U.S. GDP, and could account for 1.6 million U.S. jobs by 2025.
  • The Society of Manufacturing Engineers named biomimicry at the top of its 2012 list of Innovations That Could Change the Way You Manufacture.
  • Clean Edge named biomimicry one of its Clean Energy Trends of 2013.
  • Harvard Business Review named biomimicry one of the 20 Breakthrough Ideas for 2009.
  • A recent article in Forbes called biomimicry possibly our best solution to ending world hunger.


PHAEDRA ELLIS-LAMKINS | Motherhood and Leadership. Introduction by Nikki Henderson, People’s Grocery

The Executive Director of Green For All shares her deeply personal journey of how the experience of becoming a mother has created a new sense of urgency in her work to create a healthier and more just planet. She reveals how the challenges of parenting have stretched and transformed her approach to leadership.

Message From the Amazon: Amazon Watch and Pachamama Alliance host indigenous leaders with a message from the heart of the rainforest

Film Short: Nature’s Wonders by Louie Schwartzberg

Youth Leadership Address
With Brower Youth Award winner ASA NEEDLE | Toxic Soil Busters: Urban Soil Remediation.

Lunchtime Programs & Performances on outdoor Sun Stage

  • Indigenous Forum. California Cultural Art Demonstrations by L. Frank Manriquez (Tongva/Ajachmem) and Ethan Castro (Pomo/Wailaki)
  • Trashion Show by Truckee High School’s Envirolution Club

TOM GOLDTOOTH | Stopping the Privatization of Nature and Commodification of Mother Earth

Introduction by Melissa Nelson, The Cultural Conservancy        

The Executive Director of the Indigenous Environmental Network weaves together the voices of Indigenous peoples who are asking the world to reevaluate our relationship to Mother Earth, to turn away from destroying, privatizing and commodifying nature, and to turn instead to indigenous wisdom with "indigenuity." We can fashion sustainable solutions and re-sacralize our relationship to Mother Earth.

DARREN DOHERTY | Regrarianism: Re-booting Agriculture for the Next 10,000 Years.

Introduction by Brock Dolman, Occidental Arts and Ecology Center

Large-scale modern agriculture is the world’s largest industry and the most ecologically destructive human activity. One of the world’s most brilliant and accomplished Regenerative Agriculture practitioners who has worked on thousands of projects on five continents will describe how “Regrarianism” can reverse this destruction and usher in a new regenerative future for our food systems.

Alixa Garcia and Naima Penniman, the award-winning spoken-word duo, is the combined force of two boundary-breaking soul sisters who have sharpened their art as a tool for popular education, community organizing and personal transformation. They interweave spoken word, hip-hop, and award-winning multimedia theater to expose injustice, channel hope into vision, and make a better future visible, immediate, and irresistible. They are committed organizers and educators who have led workshops at state institutions including Riker’s Island Prison and Clark County Juvenile Detention Center, and at Cornell and Columbia Universities. They have blazed stages in more than 70 cities across the U.S., and abroad from the UK to South Africa and, alongside visionary leaders and artists such as Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu, Amiri Baraka, Angela Davis, Sonia Sanchez, Alice Walker and Danny Glover.

DANNY GLOVER | Reimagining Citizenship, Democracy and Nature
Introduction by Kenny Ausubel

The beloved actor and progressive elder shares the long view of how change happens, and how we are called upon today as never before to reclaim our rights and responsibilities as citizens. He scans the horizon of the arc of justice and the convergence of the movements to restore justice and nature.

Indigenous Forum: A Call From the Amazon
Lunchtime event: 1:30-2:30 p.m. (bring your lunch and listen…)

A Call From the Amazon (lunchtime presentation and discussion at Indigenous Forum)
Learn more about the vision to defend the Yasuni National Park and indigenous territories threatened by oil development in the Ecuadorian Amazon and beyond. With: Franco Viteri, Kichwa from Sarayaku, Ecuador and President of Governing Body of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuadorian Amazon (GONAE); Atossa Soltani, Amazon Watch Executive Director and Yasuni Ambassador; Leila Salazar-Lopez, Amazon Watch Program Director, and others TBA.


Beloved Community: An Invitation
An emergent conversation hosted by Connie Cagampang Heller, co-founder, Linked Fate Fund for Justice. With: John A. Powell, Executive Director of the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society at UC Berkeley; Joseph Phelan, founder and co-principle of; Catherine Lerza, philanthropic advisor, organizer and consultant to Groundswell Fund.

Redesigning the Corporation and Its Supply Chain for Social and Environmental Values
Hosted by Andrew Revkin, Senior Fellow at Pace University's Academy for Applied Environmental Studies, NY Times blog dotearth. With: Tensie Whelan, President, Rainforest Alliance; Manuel Rodriguez, Senior Vice President, Government & International Affairs and Corporate Responsibility Officer, Chiquita Brands International, Inc.; Jonathan Atwood, Vice President, Sustainable Living and Corporate Communications, Unilever. Join this provocative dialogue about the hopes and challenges for mainstreaming sustainability in the years ahead. The Rainforest Alliance has pioneered the use of sustainable production standards, working with more than a million producers and 6,000 companies in more than 100 countries. Unilever has made a commitment to halve its environmental footprint, source 100% of its raw materials sustainably and bring 500,000 small producers into its supply chain. Chiquita has spent more than a decade completely retooling its banana plantations to protect nature and workers.

Mother Jones Presents: Media Mojo for Social Change
Hosted by Steve Katz, Publisher of Mother Jones. With: Danny Glover, renowned actor and lifelong activist; Katie Galloway, director and producer of the award-winning "Better This World"; Gay Dillingham, award-winning film producer/director. How can we use film and media to leverage social change? How are social media shifting the landscape of both organizing and organizing while making your movie?

Climate Change and Agriculture
With: Darren Doherty, master Permaculturist; Renata Brillinger, Executive Director, California Climate and Agriculture Network; Ann Thrupp, Manager of Sustainability and Organic Development at Fetzer and Bonterra Vineyards. Climate change presents dire challenges to agricultural productivity, crop quality, and land and water use These visionary innovators reveal leveraged opportunities for an enlightened agriculture that can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, sequester carbon, and create on-farm resilience and productivity for the long haul.

Spine of the Continent: Wildlife Corridors, Biodiversity and Climate Change
Hosted by Mary Ellen Hannibal, author of The Spine of the Continent; With: Healy Hamilton, Senior Research Fellow with Marine Conservation Institute; Adina Merenlender, conservation biologist with UC Berkeley’s College of Natural Resources; Justin Brashares, Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation at UC Berkeley. Leading scientific experts illuminate one of the boldest visionary efforts to create huge continental wildlife corridors in the face of the reverberating effects of climate change and habitat fragmentation on biodiversity and animal species.

Leadership Lessons from the Living Earth
Biomimicry is creating magnificent breakthroughs in sustainable design, and is now growing into other areas of human endeavor — what if nature's wisdom could birth innovations for catalyzing social change? Join this experiential session to meet mentors from the natural world and discover leadership practices grown from Life's operating principles. With Toby Herzlich, founder, Biomimicry for Social Innovation and co-founder, Cultivating Women’s Leadership trainings, and accompanied by a host of natural mentors. Interactive/Experiential

Indigenous Forum. The Native Artist’s Voice:  A Commentary on Social and Environmental Issues
Hosted by: Cara Romero, Director, Bioneers Indigeneity Program. With: Rulan Tangen (Metis), dancer/choreographer; William Wilson (Navajo), photographer; Kade Twist (Cherokee), multi-disciplinary artist; Tracey Rector (Seminole), filmmaker and producer. This panel brings together Native artists driving conversation regarding our collective stakes in natural resources, relationships to the land and the ures and overlap between Native and non-Native worldviews. Native artists are the creative voice of our communities, often at the forefront of addressing environmental issues critical to Native and non-Native peoples, regionally and globally. Native artists act as nonconformists, revealing the complexities around Native natural resources, sovereignty, and historical injustice. As documentarians, multi-media artists, and performers, Native artists are taking contemporary mediums and turning them on present-day challenges.

Spirit Moving into Form: The Sacred Dance of the Feminine and the Masculine in Today’s World
Using an ancient design of Medicine Wheel energies, Pele Rouge Chadima, FireHawk Hulin and Lana Holmes, co-founders of Timeless Earth Wisdom, Inc., invite us to explore today’s dance of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine from the perspective of Earth wisdom, the human evolutionary journey, and our own unique personal experiences. Interactive/Experiential

Youth Leadership: Peaceful Warriors
Led by: Rashidi Omari, hip-hop instructor; and Destiny Arts students. This fun, interactive workshop introduces Destiny Arts’ 5 Fingers of Violence Prevention curriculum to give youth tools to choose courage and creativity to resolve conflicts peacefully. It features exercises, games, and role-playing that develop skills in awareness, conflict resolution, basic dance and martial arts warm-ups, and self-defense. Interactive/Experiential. For all ages.

Council: Community of Mentors: Intergenerational Reciprocity, Guidance and Mutual Exchange
Facilitated by Ilarion Merculieff and Sharon Shay Sloan. Bioneers is a community of mentors. Come be an active part of the community by sharing your knowledge, wisdom and life experience in an interactive Council that will explore the process of mentoring across the generations to help restore balance and right relationship in our communities, organizations and lives. From founders to next-generation leaders, the art of reciprocity in mentorship is essential to healthy community. Interactive/Experiential

Wiser Together Open Space: If you could have any conversation, or host any activity, what would it be? Bring it here
With: David Shaw, Common Ground Center, UC Santa Cruz; Dana Pearlman, The Lotus: Authentic Leadership Development and the Global Leadership Lab; Tim Merry, Myrgan Inc, Art of Hosting; Giselle Chow, Graphic Facilitator and Recorder, Giselle Chow Consulting. Participant-driven conversations about how we can collaborate to shape our future by synergizing the unique gifts of all generations. The Café provides a hospitable space for dialogue and reflection on what is emerging at the conference, building personal and professional partnerships, and evoking the collective intelligence.

Facilitated Dialogue at the Networking Center—Building Local Economies
What New Economy systems and networks are already supporting local wealth, jobs, ownership, and a robust system of exchanges? What else is needed? Come connect, network, and share your insights.

Herbwalk: The Medicinal and Edible Landscape
With: master herbalist Kami McBride. Kami has inspired thousands to use herbs in their daily lives for health and wellness. Medicine is growing all around us. Come for a walk and connect with the healing plants that grow right under your feet.


The Crossroads of Art and Social Change
Performances plus discussion. With: John Densmore, iconic drummer of the legendary rock group, the Doors, author of The Doors: Unhinged, and Riders on the Storm; Climbing PoeTree, award-winning spoken-word activists; Hosted by Filmmaker and Professor Jeremy Kagan, founder of The Change Making Media Lab at the University of Southern California. This remarkable session features live performances by these world-class musicians and spoken-word artists. They’ll also talk about how they use their art to catalyze social change.

Building the Movement for a New Economy
Hosted by John Bloom, Senior Director of Organizational Culture at RSF Social Finance. With: Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, Executive Director, Green for All; Bob Massie, President, the New Economics Institute; David Levine, co-founder and CEO, the American Sustainable Business Council. How can alliances among progressive business leaders, grassroots activists and leading thinkers on new economic paradigms build the movement to shift markets and policies toward a vibrant, just and sustainable economy? These leaders are showing the ways.

The Healing Potential of Cannabidiol, MDMA, and Entheogens
Hosted by JP Harpignies, Bioneers associate produce. With: Martin Lee, Director of Project CBD, a cannabis science information service, author of Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana-Medical, Recreational and Scientific; Amy Emerson, Director of Clinical Research at the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS); Ralph Metzner, legendary psychedelic research pioneer. As societal attitudes shift against the War on Drugs and toward saner policies based on science, treatment and practical sense, a growing body of research shows powerful healing properties for marijuana and entheogenic substances including ayahuasca, MDMA (Ecstasy) and psilocybin mushrooms. Learn with these experts about the latest research and shifting politics.

Biodynamic Farming: Way Beyond Organic
With: Gena Nonini, 3rd-generation farmer, owner/operator of Marian Farms, a premiere biodynamic farm and distillery in Fresno, CA, growing grapes, raisins, almonds and vegetables and producing biodynamic and organic distilled spirits. Biodynamic Farming, developed by Rudolf Steiner, views the farm as a living entity and the farmer as a mediator between the celestial and earthly forces of nature. The BD farm is a healthy ecosystem interacting with its surrounding environment symbiotically to produce food with life force that supports physical and spiritual health.

A Hero's Quest: Tapping Our Courage and Unleashing Our Ingenuity to Meet the Climate Threat
With: Betsy Taylor, Breakthrough Strategies & Solutions; John Neffinger, KNP Communications.  How can we reconnect with deep purpose in the context of the climate threat and develop a shared story and effective narrative for talking to sympathetic but un-engaged citizens about joining the struggle for a bright, clean energy future?

Giving Power: Exploring “Situatedness” and Power
Hosted by Connie Cagampang Heller, co-founder, Linked Fate Fund for Justice. With: Jeannette Armstrong, Ph.D. (Syilx Okanagan), traditional Okanagan knowledge keeper, co-founder and Executive Director of En’owkin Centre; Claire Jean Kim, Associate Professor of Political Science and Asian American Studies, UC Irvine. We want change, but we feel ambivalent about exerting power. However, without power we lack the capacity to shape societal priorities. What makes it difficult for us to embrace our own power and build collective power? Can we hold and use power in ways consistent with our values and aspirations?

Indigenous Forum. Guardians of the Water: Native Youth Speak Out on Arts, Media, and Cultural Health
Hosted by Melissa Nelson (Turtle Mountain Anishinaabe), President of the Cultural Conservancy/professor at SFSU.

With: Nicola Wagenberg (Colombian), Vice-President and Youth Director for the Guardians of the Waters Youth program of The Cultural Conservancy (TCC); Valarie Ordoñez Perez (Salvadoran-Mexican), artist, activist, and Youth Coordinator for the Guardians of the Waters Youth program at TCC; Mateo Hinojosa (Bolivian-American), documentary filmmaker and educator, media director and teacher at TCC. Through a Cultural Conservancy Summer Internship funded by the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation and others, a group of indigenous youth has made canoe paddles and a tule boat, learned about local water systems, and engaged in other creative activities and dialogue around health, identity, and canoe traditions. Come hear inspired Native youth discuss their experiences and see the media they created.

Gender Reconciliation: Breakthrough in Healing Gender-Based Violence
With: Will Keepin Ph.D. and Rev. Cynthia Brix, Co-Directors of the Satyana Institute and Gender Reconciliation International. Responding to the global outcry for practical solutions to gender-based violence, an inspiring innovation called Gender Reconciliation applies principles of “truth and reconciliation” to transforming gender dynamics between women and men. Successfully tested in several countries including South Africa, Gender Reconciliation International is expanding this breakthrough approach across the globe, in partnership with the Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation. Interactive/Experiential.

Generation Waking Up: Building A Movement For Systemic Change
An interactive, multimedia program exploring the game-changing role of today's young generation, connecting the dots between environmental sustainability, social justice, and human thriving. We will walk away with a deeper sense of individual and collective purpose as we build bridges across movements to create systemic change. With, from Generation Waking Up: Joshua Gorman, founder; Barbara Jefferson and Hanni Hanson, trainers and coordinators; and Cherine Badawi, curriculum coordinator.

Council: Weaving the Fabric of Community
For most of human history, people have lived in small village clusters. From indigenous to intentional to family systems to global community, our social structures are changing. What is the potential of human community in building and implementing innovative and timely solutions to our global and personal concerns? How can community knowledge support us to implement practical solutions in our daily lives and at scale in the world? With Ilarion Merculieff, Aleut traditional messenger and Sharon Shay Sloan, council trainer and community steward. Interactive/Experiential

Conversation Café

Facilitated Dialogue at the Networking Center—Dreaming Bioneers
Bioneers celebrates our 25tth anniversary in 2014. What should our goals be in the crucial years ahead? Come connect, network, and share your insights.


The Seed Exchange
Starts at 6:30 PM. Come exchange open-pollinated seeds and help preserve biodiversity at this super-popular meet-up. Conserving and improving biodiversity in food crops is essential to a healthy, sustainable, local food system. Hosted by: Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, Tesuque Pueblo Farm, Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library, Living Seed Company, and Sustainable Seed Company

Better This World
Introduced by directors Katie Galloway and Kelly Duane de la Vega – Starts at 7:00 PM

This extraordinary, multiple award-winning film shows us how two boyhood friends from Midland, Texas wound up arrested on terrorism charges at the 2008 Republican National Convention. A dramatic story of idealism, loyalty, crime and betrayal, Better This World goes to the dark heart of the War on Terror and its impact on civil liberties and political dissent in post-9/11 America.

Dying to Know: Ram Dass & Timothy Leary
Introduced by director Gay Dillingham – Starts at 8:45 PM

Gay Dillingham offers a short clip from this nearly finished film that captured one last intimate conversation between these two bigger-than-life figures just a few months before Leary’s death, as they pondered life, drugs, and the biggest mystery of all: death. It’s a deeply touching portrait of two very complex, controversial characters whose epic friendship helped shape a generation.

Caroline Casey Performance: Change the Metaphor – Change the Culture!
The popular radio host and stand-up astrologer riffs on: “From Big Bang to On-Going Unfurling, let our metaphors be derived from Nature. Shadow, Evil, Redemption and the Choreography of Cultural Renaissance — The Earth-Sky Guiding Mytho-Medicine Story whereby to compost hyper-yang death frenzy into nutrient for the Green Fire of Reverent Indigenuity Rising from the Rubble — that we be agents of responsive cool in a hot reactive world.”


Standing on Sacred Ground, Parts 1 and 2
Introduced by director Toby McLeod – At 8:55 PM

We will get to see the first two installments in this four-part film series about indigenous cultures fighting to protect their sacred lands for future generations. Episode 1, “Pilgrims and Tourists” tracks Russian shamans and a northern California tribe as they each confront massive government projects. Episode 2,Profit and Loss” highlights resistance to destructive extraction projects in Papua New Guinea and in Alberta, Canada’s Tar Sands.

Dance Party with the inimitable DJ Dragonfly and his trans-tempo fusion of exotic idioms, rhythms, melodies and indigenous voices 10:30pm-midnight



SUNDAY KEYNOTES | 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Drumming by Deb Lane and Afia Walking Tree

Opening Remarks by NINA SIMONS

ILARION MERCULIEFF | The Womb At The Center of the Universe: Women Will Lead us through this Pivotal Time
Introduction by Nina Simons

This Aleut traditional messenger offers indigenous perspectives–bringing ancestral wisdom to guide us through modern times. The elders say that the leadership of women is paramount if we are to successfully transform civilization to conserve Earth’s capacity to sustain Life. Ilarion has served his people, and other indigenous peoples locally, nationally, and internationally for 35 years in diverse leadership capacities, including as the first Alaska Native Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Commerce and Economic Development.

Alixa Garciaand Naima Penniman, the award-winning spoken-word duo, is the combined force of two boundary-breaking soul sisters who have sharpened their art as a tool for popular education, community organizing and personal transformation. (See Saturday)

BILLY PARISH | 100% Clean Energy For and By The People
Introduction by Marco Krapels, Rabobank

This leading young changemaker-turned-entrepreneur is showing how, in this generation, we can shift from fossil fuels to a world 100% powered by clean energy, and we can do it in a way that makes all of us richer, healthier and happier. The only way it will happen is if we get involved and take power into our own hands – literally and figuratively. Solar Mosaic, the company he co-founded, is employing revolutionary crowdfunding techniques to democratize investment opportunities and spread distributed energy rapidly, covered by the NY Times online and other media.

In Loving Remembrance of Peter Warshall, Barbara Whitestone, Bob Russell

Film Short: Nature’s Wonders by Louie Schwartzberg

Youth Leadership Address
With Brower Youth Award winner KYLE THIERMANN | Surfing for Change.

DEKILA CHUNGYALPA | Faiths for Conservation: The Hope of A New Environmental Movement

Many of the most important conservation places in the world are sacred and rooted in local spiritual and cultural traditions. These places also face overwhelming threats that not only endanger the integrity of ecosystems, but also leave the people who live there impoverished and vulnerable. Over 80 percent of people in the world follow a specific faith.

The Sikkim-born Director of the World Wildlife Fund’s Sacred Earth program engages with faith leaders and institutions in Asia and around the world to address environmental decline and restore communities. Environmental advisor to the Dalai Lama, she works with communities in the Himalayas, the Mekong, East Africa and the Amazon, and helps mobilize Buddhist and interfaith collaborations for healing the Earth.

Prior to creating the Sacred Earth program, Dekila Chungyalpa spent six years leading WWF's efforts in the Mekong region on large-scale strategies for hydropower and climate change, and five years designing and managing community-based conservation projects with WWF's Eastern Himalayas program.

In the Eastern Himalayas, WWF helped establish Khoryugan, an association of Tibetan Buddhist monasteries that works on environmental protection under the auspices of His Holiness, the 17th Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje. The partnership has resulted in the publication of environmental guidelines for Buddhists and more than 55 monastery-led projects to address forest degradation, water loss, wildlife trade, waste, pollution and climate change. In the Greater Mekong, WWF works to protect endangered Irrawaddy dolphins in collaboration with His Holiness the Mahasangharaja Bour Kry, the Great Supreme Patriarch of Buddhism in Cambodia, and Buddhist temples that flank the Mekong River.

JOANNA MACY | Choosing Life

The renowned Buddhist teacher, eco-philosopher, systems theorist, scholar, author, longtime peace, justice and ecology activist, and one of the most beloved and influential leaders in the personal and social change movements of our era, shares the essence of the wisdom she has distilled during her extraordinary 84-year trajectory. According to Joanna, the greatest gift we can give our world is our full presence. As we draw that gift forth from ourselves and each other, we find our courage and clarity. In this time of radical uncertainty, that choice and that capacity is there for us every step of the way.

Performance by "Slam Poet Harvester" TIM MERRY: Holding Up a Mirror to the Moment
This gifted spoken-word improviser revives the ancient art of sacred bards and jesters as he generates instant poetic commentary on and analysis of what he sees and hears, on the spot, helping us live more consciously in the moment.

Closing Remarks by KENNY AUSUBEL and NINA SIMONS

Closing Performance with R. CARLOS NAKAI
The world's premiere performer of the Native American flute.

Lunchtime Activities
Indigenous Forum. California Cultural Art Demonstrations by Ed Willie (Coast Miwok/Pomo) and Kathy Wallace (Yurok/Karuk/Hupa/Mohawk)

Indigenous Forum: Technology to Transform: Building a Youth Driven Climate Justice Movement
Lunchtime event: 1:30-2:30 p.m. (bring your lunch and listen…)
Professor Antwi Akom discusses what the modern world can learn from the indigenous world to combat climate change and describes his work building a youth-driven climate justice movement that uses technological innovations at the grassroots level to cultivate community, heal divisions and develop joint movement building strategies.


Spiritual Ecology: A Spiritual Response to the Ecological Crisis
With: Dekilah Chungyalpa, Director of the World Wildlife Fund’s Sacred Earth program; Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, globally renowned Sufi teacher and author; Joanna Macy, legendary activist and scholar of systems theory, deep ecology and Buddhism. How are faith communities mobilizing around environmental restoration and justice to turn the tide? What are the spiritual values, principles and traditions that can speak most powerfully to the adherents of world religions and spiritual paths?

Gender Equality and Finding Balance: Diverse Approaches
An emergent conversation hosted by Nina Simons. With: Ilarion Merculieff, Aleut traditional messenger; Pat McCabe, Dine (Navajo) writer, artist, activist, speaker and cultural liaison; Will Keepin, Co-Director of the Satyana Institute and Gender Reconciliation International; Pele Rouge Chadima, co-founder, Timeless Earth Wisdom, Inc. Some say that healing the harms of patriarchy and gender violence is the sine-qua-non to transform civilization’s ills. These visionary leaders depict a diversity of perspectives on how to create gender justice and re-balance the masculine and feminine qualities we all share, at both individual and societal levels.

Disruptive Financing Innovations for Distributed Energy and Sustainability
With: Billy Parish, co-founder and President of the revolutionary solar energy platform Solar Mosaic; Marco Krapels, Executive Vice President, Rabobank, NA; Angelina Galiteva, founder and Board President, Renewables 100 Policy Institute. The big breakthroughs in clean energy are financial, not technological innovations. These disruptive pathfinders identify the financial levers that position solar and clean energy to break out by 2015 in the U.S., including crowdfunding that democratizes investment in clean energy, makes money and mitigates climate disruption.

Moving from Sustainababble to True Sustainability (or Getting Ready for the Collapse If We Can’t)
Co-sponsored with the Worldwatch Institute. Hosted by Robert Engelman, President, Worldwatch. With: Erik Assadourian, Senior Fellow, Worldwatch; David W. Orr, legendary eco-literacy pioneer, master educator, national sustainability leader; Annie Leonard, activist extraordinaire, creator of The Story of Stuff. In today’s radically degraded environment, is “sustainability” still the appropriate goal? Do we need to go further and put our thumb on the scale to tip it to radical restoration?

Indigenous Forum. Eat Your Heritage: Chamorro Foodways from the Island of Guam
This presentation is part of the Guam Humanities Council’s (GHC) Eat Your Heritage Tour and sponsored by the Cultural Conservancy’s new Mino-Niibi Fund for Indigenous Cultures. Hosted by: Kimberlee Kihleng, Ph.D., and Melissa Nelson (Turtle Mountain Anishinaabe), President of the Cultural Conservancy/professor at SFSU GHC Executive Director.. With: Monaeka Flores, GHC project coordinator; Peter Duenas, chef and restaurateur, the most respected Chamorro chef in Guam, a leader in promoting native foods; Bill McDonald, founder of the Farmers Cooperative, leader in Guam’s local food movement. Chamorro activists, farmers, and chefs share their I Tano yan I Tasi project: Ecological Literacy on the US Pacific Island of Guam. The goal of the project is to promote literacy around the principles of ecology and sustainability, and to explore the important connections among food, health, culture and the environment in order to better “grow democracy.”

Wiser Together World Cafe: Creating Tomorrow Together!
We've learned from each other's ideas and work this weekend, but how can we nourish partnerships and relationships year-round to ground possibilities into realities? Join us for a participant-driven conversation about how we can collaborate to shape the future by synergizing the unique gifts of all generations. The Cafe provides a hospitable space for integration and reflection on what is emerging at the conference and for building personal and professional partnerships. Let's create tomorrow, together! With: David Shaw, Common Ground Center, UC Santa Cruz; Dana Pearlman, The Lotus: Authentic Leadership Development and the Global Leadership Lab; Tim Merry, Myrgan Inc, Art of Hosting; Giselle Chow, Graphic Facilitator and Recorder, Giselle Chow Consulting.

Transforming our relationship to White Privilege in service of Co-Creating Beloved Community
This experiential session explores how, through courage, compassion and taking responsibility, we can grow to be more effective white allies in dismantling unjust social systems and becoming “beloved community” across divides of race, ethnicity, class and gender. All are welcome. Facilitated by Yeshi Neumann, Rockwood Leadership Institute. Experiential/Interactive

Youth Leadership: Meet the Brower Youth Award Winners
Presented by New Leaders Initiative at Earth Island Institute. Join this year’s winners of the nation’s most prestigious youth environmental and social activism prize in their first public appearance. Come hear their inspiring stories and connect with these young activists from all over North America.

Council: Initiation, Adulthood and the Resurgence of Community-Supported Rites of Passage
With: Sharon Shay Sloan and Orland Bishop, Executive Director of ShadeTree Multicultural Foundation, Indaba leader and community healer. In a culture that has neglected rites of passage, violence, drugs and recklessness tend to replace community-supported initiation. What happens to young men and women who physically become adults but are not initiated into their new responsibilities and roles? What resources exist to support Initiation into adulthood? Is it ever too late? Interactive/Experiential

Campaign Connection: Mobilizing Women for Climate Solutions
Presented by Women's Earth and Climate Caucus and International Women's Earth and Climate Initiative. With: Osprey Orielle Lake, Sally Ranney, Claire Greensfelder, Atossa Soltani of Amazon Watch; and a representative from the Indigenous Environmental Network.  Come join key leaders, recently returned from the Women's Earth and Climate Summit, as they show us how we can get involved in the growing global women's movement for sane climate and sustainability policies and in some of the exciting actions and projects outlined in the "Women's Climate and Sustainability Blueprint for Action." Note: Men are welcome to attend.

With herbalist Autumn Summers and Kevin Spelman, PhD, MCPP, scientist, clinician, educator, herbalist and writer.

Conversation Café

Facilitated Dialogue at the Networking Center—Growing Community Capital
How do we uncover and mobilize the hidden wealth of skills, insights, wisdom, resources and experience in our communities? Come connect, network, and share your insights.


  • Mixer and Networking
  • Indigenous Forum. Youth and Indigenous Leader Talking Circle


Youth Orientation: Thursday, October 17th, 5-7:30pm. All youth are welcome. Make connections, meet other youth attending Bioneers, engage in interactive activities, share a meal and participate in a Council process to help set your intentions and optimize your experience at Bioneers.

Trashion Show. Produced by Truckee High School’s Envirolution Club.  High fashion collides with recycling as these youth designers use their wildly creative talents, humor, and trash from a throw-away society to fashion a message of environmental responsibility. A super-popular eye-popping LOL event that you’ll never forget.

Digital Storytelling. With: Synergia Learning Ventures’ Mobile Interactive Classroom. You can conduct and film interviews with speakers, and participate in the “Eyes of the Future” media project.

Community of Mentors: Bioneers is offering youth a rare opportunity to meet with Bioneers presenters in small groups (10 max) for in-depth conversations to gain inspiration and insight from experienced leaders in different fields who will tell their stories and offer guidance. Attendees can ask questions and seek advice relevant to their personal activism, projects or organizational work.

Singing Tree Youth-led Collective Mural Project. Facilitated by Laurie Marshall. All are welcome to participate and ex their vision in a collectively created mural.




From the Culture of Soil to Cultured Foods

This hybrid farm tour and fermented foods workshop gives you access and exposure to two of the world’s most visionary and practical food system innovators.

Master farmer and Chez Panisse supplier Bob Cannard offers a tour of Green String Farm, a 140-acre eco-farm he stewards in Petaluma, CA that focuses on working with natural processes to grow a diversity of fruits and vegetables with practices that exceed organic standards while training new farmers. He illustrates his iconoclastic eco-farming practices that create deep fertility in the land and the intense vitality and flavor in the food he grows and for which he is famous.

In the afternoon, acclaimed fermented foods revivalist and author of The Art of Fermentation Sandor Katz, featured in Michael Pollan’s recent book Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation, demonstrates the art of making powerfully healthy foods in your own kitchen, while illustrating the wonderful, diverse, global, culinary traditions and health benefits of fermented foods.

When: Monday October 21 from 10 AM- 4:30 PM

Cost: $175 (includes lunch and bus transportation from Embassy Suites hotel, San Rafael)

Click here to download a copy of the detailed session descriptions.