VMA Opening Performance with R. Carlos Nakai, the world's premiere performer of the Native American flute.

VMA Performance by "Slam Poet Harvester" Tim Merry: Holding Up of a Mirror to the Moment

VMA Performance: Climbing PoeTree: Alixa Garcia and Naima Penniman, award-winning spoken word duo, committed organizers and boundary-breaking soul sisters.

Varierty of Musical Performances on the outdoor Sun Stage

Indigenous Forum. California Cultural Art Demonstrations by L. Frank Manriquez (Tongva/Ajachmem) and Ethan Castro (Pomo/Wailaki)

Destiny Arts Youth Performance Company. Dance.

Trashion Show by Truckee High School’s Envirolution Club

The Seed Exchange: Saturday 6:30pm – Conserving and improving biodiversity in food crops is essential to a healthy, sustainable, local food system. Come exchange open-pollinated seeds and help preserve the treasure of biodiversity. Hosted by: Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, Tesuque Pueblo Farm, Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library, Living Seed Company, and Sustainable Seed Company. Bring seeds to exchange.  

Friday & Saturday Evening Film Showings – Films TBA.

The Crossroads of Art and Social Change with John Densmore, iconic drummer of the legendary rock group, the Doors and author of The Doors: Unhinged, and Riders on the Storm. Performance plus discussion. Guests TBA.

Caroline Casey Performance: Change the Metaphor – Change the Culture!
The popular radio host and stand-up astrologer invokes the “Green Fire of Reverent Indigenuity Rising from the Rubble —  and that we be agents of responsive cool in a hot reactive world.” 8:45pm-9:45pm, Saturday

Dance Party with DJ Dragonfly. 10pm-midnight, Saturday

Digital Storytelling: Synergia Learning Ventures’ Mobile Interactive Classroom.

Community of Mentors: Opportunity for youth to meet in small mentoring groups with Bioneers presenters.

Sunrise Water Canoe Ceremony.

Madrone Singing Tree of Vision to Action – A Youth-led Collective Mural Project facilitated by Laurie Marshall of Create Peace Project.  All are invited to add an image of their vision and/or their action in this collectively created mural. This is the 32nd mural in a forest of Singing Trees made with over 14,000 people from 50 countries, inspired in 1999 when an 8 year old girl asked, "What if the whole world made a painting together?"  

Seven Pillars inspirational art installation.

Tess Felix ‘Heroes of the Ocean’ This series of portraits of different ocean activists was created using plastic debris from shores of Stinson Beach. To find out more or commission the artist go to

Jared Hendricks ‘Sacred Glyph Scuptures’ Sacred geometry in heavy iron, ancient information for contemporary beings. To find out more or commission the artist go to

Hunter Paye Original Folk/Americana. Friday 1:15-2 pm @ Sunstage

Familia Veryka World Reggae. Friday 6:15-7pm @ Sunstage

Afia Walking Tree and Deb Lane Lead an Interactive Drum Circle. Saturday 1:40-2pm @Sunstage

Biomigrant Roots music with elements of Reggaton and Hiphop. Saturday 6:15-7pm @ Sunstage

JIGSAW Northern California Based Jam Band. Sunday 1:15-2pm @ Sunstage

STORYDOME Expanding Worldviews, Transforming the Way We Learn Through the Power of Visual Storytelling. Storydome is a portable immersive learning environment (an inflatable dome, 25 feet in circumference and 13 feet high) designed to facilitate dialogues about what it takes to increase the resilience of communities and bioregions. Its mission is to inspire participants to ask questions about humanity’s place in the cosmos.
Expo Hall

SOLAR LIVING INSTITUTE The Solar Living Institute (SLI) is a nonprofit organization that promotes sustainability through inspirational environmental education. Come be inspired, visit the SLI booth! Take a mini 10 minute solar workshop where you can make your own 4-part solar system, race solar cars and try your hand at working with natural building materials. You’ll also learn more about SLI’s workshops, 12 acre demonstration site and educational programs. Support SLI by entering your chance to win a $15,000 turnkey SOLAR SYSTEM installed at your CA home. All proceeds benefit SLI. Raffle tickets sold at booth.
Look for us outside on the conference grounds.

BUTTERFLY PEACE PATH ™ Conveniently located outside by the picnic area. The Butterfly Peace PathTM is an original labyrinth design born of the innovative artistry of Sacred Earth Artist, William Grace Frost. William designs and builds one-of-a-kind sacred landscapes: labyrinths, Zen gardens, mediation paths, medicine wheels & balanced rock cairns.

The labyrinth is an ancient and powerful meditation tool for realizing balance and inner calm. As a powerful symbol of transformation, the butterfly inspires and delights both children and adults. Put together, the labyrinth and the butterfly provide an inviting, easily accessible and kinesthetic opportunity for people to find, practice and fully embody peace as a way of being in the world.

In order to be effective in these challenging times, we need to adopt daily practices that remind us what peace actually feels like in our bodies. The Butterfly Peace PathTM provides the opportunity for each one of us to slow down, take time to reflect, and cultivate inner peace amidst the stresses of our busy lives.

Sacred Earth Artist & Facilitator, William Grace Frost, along with his wife, Quiana Grace Frost, is co-founder of Ekstasis: Moving Beyond. William and Quiana combine leading edge processes and ancient wisdom practices in their transformative work with individuals, couples, groups, communities and Fortune 500 organizations. Through their leadership, coaching, consulting and facilitation they powerfully assist people in moving beyond their limiting “status quo” into the freedom and realization of their next level of awareness and creative expression.

Their vision is to enable people of all ages to walk with peace every day of their lives by making Butterfly Peace PathTM labyrinths and transformational techniques available on every retreat center, and corporate, educational, governmental and institutional campus in the world.

To Learn More, Please Contact Us at: 707-318-9565 •