The Word on Bioneers

People are talking about the National Bioneers Conference…

“The great orgs I’ve worked with this year: World Wildlife Fund, NRDC, Bioneers.” Tweet by Leonardo Dicaprio

“The Bioneers community has had a significant impact on my work, introducing me to the visionary work of people like Joel Salatin and Paul Stamets. The Bioneers were instrumental in helping me frame issues and find sources — indispensable. Every time I go, I learn something and invariably find a few gems.” Michael Pollan author, Omnivore’s Dilemma

“A gathering of inspiration and innovation… Bioneers is creating a community of social change.” Terry Tempest Williams author, Refuge and Leap

“Wow, what a collection of people! I came away feeling revved up with enthusiasm and a sense of a growing movement.” David Suzuki, scientist, broadcaster

“Bioneers promotes practical and innovative solutions to environmental and social problems based in a philosophy which recognizes the aliveness, interdependence, and intelligence of the natural world. Bioneers has been helping the community through innovation and creativity.” State of California Senate – Certificate of Recognition

"This is the best conference I have ever attended. I feel incredibly empowered to bring back and put into action numerous ideas that blossomed at the conference” Rachel Meyer, Executive Director, Coyote Point Museum, San Mateo, CA

“Bioneers is one of the great social innovations of our time. Bioneers brings us together at the axis of personal and planetary healing. If Bioneers didn’t exist, we’d have to invent it.” Michael Lerner President, Commonweal

“Bioneers gave us a blueprint of what community can look like if it is developed with intention and courage. We have been able to concretize and localize so much of what we have learned from Bioneers, such as Envision Spokane.” Jim Sheehan Attorney, Founder of Center for Justice

“Bioneers Was a fantastic place to present our new Google Earth Outreach tools and ideas. Well informed, energetic, action-oriented people who are hungry for change and working to make a real difference. Now there are thousands more activists who know how to use our mapping tools to change the world, and we’re already seeing them do it! Thank you, Bioneers.” Rebecca Moore, Founder, Google Earth Outreach

“Bioneers 2009 was an incredible experience. The knowledge I gained, the people I met, the connections I made have made my life richer, my work more productive, and my future as a youth of this planet brighter. The diversity of the Bioneers community is incredible, I look forward to furthering my connections with these great people, and joining them in their fight for a brighter future and a better world.” Kai Neander, President HUUF Roots & Shoots, The Jane Goodall Institute, California Youth Leadership Council, National Youth Leadership Council

"For two decades, Bioneers has been the place where environmental leaders in the United States and beyond have come together to dream and embody a new culture. Increasingly, it has also been a venue where leaders of color within the environmental justice movement are bridging historical racial gaps in the environmental movement to share grounded strategies and new visions with the promise of creating a healthy, just and sustainable multi-racial society." M. Paloma Pavel, Ph.D and Carl Anthony, authors, “Breakthrough Communities: Sustainability and Justice in the Next American Metropolis”

“I love Bioneers! I come to Bioneers because I learn so much. I draw on what I learn here all year long. It makes me look smarter when I come here and listen to all these people. I also come to Bioneers to see friends and to network and to do movement-building because this is the place to make it happen.” Annie Leonard, Producer/director “The Story of Stuff” film and project

“It was a great opportunity for me to join hands with the larger community that wants to do the same work my Tribal people — Coast Miwok and Southern Pomo — have been doing for eons, work that must be done if we are to continue. Thank you, and blessings. Greg Sarris, Chairman, Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria

“The work you're doing is fantastic. The conference was great, and the numbers of charismatic and intelligent speakers were amazing! My congratulations to the great work you are doing!” Helen Ågren, Director, Division for Sustainable Development, Ministry of the Environment, Stockholm, Sweden

“Bioneers continues to be our favorite event because we learn so much from others in a community of common good.” Carsten Henningsen, Founder, Portfolio 21 Investments

“As far as I am concerned, there is no more uplifting, all encompassing, supportive forum for environmental and social activism then the Bioneers family. I’ve met a network of extraordinary individuals who are now an indispensable part of my life and work. Through Bioneers, I’ve had the privilege of working with great thinkers and leaders – Amory Lovins, Janine Benyus, Paul Hawken and many more. It has resulted in numerous interviews – radio and television and several documentaries. Bioneers provides unequaled opportunities to get my message out to the world. Each year, Bioneers provides me with inspiration and fortitude to continue in the face of the world’s challenges.” Jay Harman, Founder and CEO PAX Scientific

“Bioneers wove me into Indra's net. I became one person connected to all of the Bioneer jewels in a shining, shimmery web of possibility and solutions for a whole and just world.  Far more people heard about the precautionary principle and found creative ways to apply it after hearing that plenary or the Bioneers' radio programs and reading about it in books and magazines sponsored by Bioneers. I first learned about biomimicry and the ecological magic of fungi from speakers that joined me on that wondrous stage. Indra's web linking all of these ideas together in a great safety net for the Earth.” Carolyn Raffeensperger, author, Executive Director, Science & Enviromental Health Network

“The experiences opened up a new space of hope inside me. To be among literally throngs of people with the same voice for change has been an inspiration that will carry me through many obstacles in my own work in the future.” Dr. Ann Lopez, author “Farmworker’s Journey”.

“Bioneers is a pioneering institution that builds connections and finds innovative, action-oriented speakers who inspire: Doers who communicate. Perhaps you could find such people separately. Bioneers brings them together in a dynamic annual conference broadcast across North America. We get to see these speakers, meet them, talk and ask questions. We get to network with each other and build a community of shared interests. This makes Bioneers a movement-builder. I use this learning in my teaching and my research. Influenced by Bioneers, I have developed a class on ‘NGO’s and Corporate Social Responsibility’ for which students have written case studies available on-line to anyone. Bioneers has been a great stimulus for me – a vital instrument in the world of policy, research, ideas, social movements, inspiration communications, networking and ……CHANGE.” Peter Gourevitch, Political Scientist and Professor Emeritus, University of California San Diego

“We are delighted that we were able to send a number of our grant partners to Bioneers. We consider it a rich opportunity to augment our direct grant-making by bringing our partners into a high-leverage field of relationships and cutting-edge knowledge that supports and inspires their own efforts.” Barbara Sargent, Executive Director, Kalliopeia Foundation

“I was amazed at the effect the 3-day conference had on these students. They were instantly electrified (current sunlight!), inspired, and motivated to make big changes in their own lives, on our campus and in our community as a whole. I got a small grant to purchase the entire Bioneers DVD collection and have made this resource available to faculty across our campus. Most of the instructors teaching within the Sustainability Studies program have incorporated these videos into their curriculum.” Mimi Riley, Faculty, Butte College

“It has been so great to see so many Bioneers people become household names and mainstream figures.” Jeanette Leehr

Bioneers is the deepest, richest vein of authentic gold in California since the gold rush. The wealth of knowledge and inspiration that is gained by attending has filled my heart, my mind and my spirit.” Elizabeth Murray, author

“As always, Bioneers is a revolution from the heart of nature which stimulates my creative thinking regarding business opportunities that enable me to find strategic partners in my quest to use media to inspire and entertain audiences by honoring and celebrating life.” Louis Schwartzberg, filmmaker